Friendly Network Inventory

Friendly Network Inventory 1.0

Friendly Network Inventory is a set of local network administration tools

Friendly Network Inventory is a program coded for network administrators to manage local network computers. In order to remotely view the information and manage your remote computers, you need to copy a remote service application called "collect.exe", or share it on a network shared folder. Then you will have to run this command "Collect.exe -s:X;Y " ( X refers to computer name and Y refers to computer's IP address). In case you know the remote computer's login details, the remote service can be installed using third-party programs like "psexec". The "collect.exe" command can be added to the startup folder so that it runs automatically each time the remote computer restarts. Once paired with remote computers, you can view different information such as the hostname, username, Windows version, service pack number, IP address, Mac address and more. The program allows you to view all installed programs on the remote computers, install any program remotely, remove any unwanted program and create undesirable software list. You can get the history of last accessed programs and create filters for them, plus you can view the hard disk drives and their usage. In addition, you can view all hardware details like processors, memory, disk drives, network adapters and the brands of all other installed devices. This powerful program allows you to install and remove any hardware that you want. The program can be installed as a Windows service and can generate complex reports for the remote computers. E-mail notifications are also possible.

Mark Adeeb
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  • Easily installed
  • Allows both public and private chat sessions
  • Doesn't require a real IP for using over LAN
  • Trial version is fully functional


  • Requires real IP for using over the internet
  • Trial version expires after 30 days and displays nagging notification window
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